September 19, 2008

White paper shows corn growers are meeting demands

The National Corn Growers Association has produced a new Food & Fuel white paper that shows how U.S. corn producers are working to meet all needs - by growing more corn per acre and doing so more efficiently.

"It’s important for consumers, news media and policy makers to know the truth about how the corn industry is advancing, thanks to technology, so we can provide more corn for more needs," said Ron Litterer, NCGA President. "This paper clearly shows how we are projected to expand production at a time when our nation really needs to bolster its energy independence."

Here's a topic list:
  • Corn supplies are keeping up with record demand
  • Corn demand for food and feed is leveling off
  • Humans cannot eat the corn used for ethanol
  • Even exported corn is used for livestock, not humans
  • Ethanol production creates food and feed, too
  • Corn prices have not kept up with inflation
  • Corn demand for ethanol has a negligible impact on food prices
  • The net effect of having ethanol in our fuel supply saves consumers money.

To read the white paper, click here (.pdf file).

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