September 4, 2008

Ethanol: It's about rural jobs, taxes and economic activity

In this news release today, the Nebraska Corn Board reminds us all that ethanol is a whole lot more than a way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil with a clean burning, renewable fuel.

Don Hutchens, executive director of the Corn Board, said: It’s about small town diners, grocery stores, schools, libraries and churches. Ethanol, by being produced across rural Nebraska and rural America, benefits all of these community-based businesses and groups. It does this by generating economic activity and taxes, which touches nearly every business, school and organization in town.

Todd Sneller, administrator of the Nebraska Ethanol Board, said ethanol has brought thousands of jobs to mostly rural Nebraska, which creates wealth that flows into rural communities. "Nebraska ethanol production is more than a $4 billion industry – and it’s getting bigger each year," he said.

With 22 ethanol plants in operation, four being expanded and five under construction, that's a lot of economic activity - in many rural communities!

Next week, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman is expected to proclaim September as "Renewable Fuels Month". The proclamation will be made at Husker Harvest Days on September 10. As more info is available, we'll post it here.

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