September 26, 2008

Publication highlights feed output of ethanol plants

The United States ethanol industry produced about 23 million metric tons of livestock and poultry feed last year, according to a new analysis by the Renewable Fuels Association.

In a summary of the report, RFA noted that 23 million metric tons of feed is roughly equivalent to the combined total amount of feed consumed by cattle on feed last year in Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado - the nation’s four largest feedlot states.

RFA wants to remind us that two-thirds of every bushel of grain processed by an ethanol plant is actually used for fuel production. The remaining one-third of the bushel comes back as a high-quality livestock and poultry feed.

According to RFA's math, about 1 billion bushels of corn were displaced by ethanol feed co-products in 2007-08, an amount equivalent to roughly 15 percent of total corn use for feed.

These results are similar to an analysis by the National Corn Growers Association, which you can find here.

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  1. I don't know why people forget that you get ddgs from ethanol, too. That is a lot of feed and hopefully a lot of it stays instate.