September 5, 2008

Another guesstimate - another big crop

Allendale Inc. released its 19th Annual Crop Survey numbers today -- and pegged the U.S. corn crop this year at 12.09 billion bushels. The estimate is based on producer-calculated yields from 20 states and was conducted from August 15 until August 29.

The survey's average yield for was 152.48 bushels per acre
, which would still produce the second-largest crop in history. (Informa Economics is reported to have a yield estimate of 156.5 bushels per acre, which would put the corn crop at 12.4 billion.)

Compare that to Pro Farmer numbers from August. Pro Farmer estimated that the U.S. will produce 12.15 billion bushels of corn this year on an average yield of 153.3 bushels per acre.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s August estimate predicted production at 12.29 billion bushels with a yield of 155 bushels per acre.

All these guesstimates will be reset one week from today. That's when USDA release's it's latest supply/demand numbers.

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