September 26, 2008

Filler-up Phil is on the air

As part of Renewable Fuels Month here in Nebraska, the Nebraska Corn Board has been sponsoring some radio ads in Omaha, Lincoln and across the state. These adds are similar to the Food Dude spots that ran earlier this year.

Like Food Dude, Filler-up Phil's aim is to educate consumers about the positives of corn ethanol and dispel some of the myths. He wants us to get smart about what we're putting in our tank - and our head.

In this spot, Phil talks with Wyatt from Wyoming on the 'tax' of high gas prices, Connie from Colorado on how we all get a 'tax' refund thanks to ethanol. and Mark from Maine on whose making the money on high oil prices.

In the second spot, Phil talks with Rhoda from Rhode Island on how ethanol adds to our fuel supplies, Otto from Oregon on 'making peace' with spending $80 to filling up a car and Danny from Delaware on how ethanol is good for the USA.

Have a listen and share the news.

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