September 27, 2008

Journal Star: Reason for cheer in Cornhusker state

Check out this opinion article in today's Journal Star. Some good lines about agriciulture's contribution to Nebraska's economy.

Here's a sample: But the overall net increase in farm income will create bountiful ripples in the state’s economy, where one in three jobs is rooted in agriculture according to a 2006 study by the Nebraska Policy Institute.

Check it out here.


  1. Lincoln Journal Star finally got it right. Grain prices only have a minimal impact on food prices, yet have a tremendously positive impact on our economy. It helps to counter the huge drain on the US economy from spending some $700 billion per year on foriegn oil.

  2. Yes. This is much better than the article that was in today's (Monday) paper. There are so many benefits to the state when farmers are doing well. It's been so long, I think people forgot what it's like.