August 20, 2013

Podcast: Urging Nebraska Leaders to Make Progress with the Farm Bill and RFS

In this podcast, Curtis Rohrich of Wood River and member of the the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, urges farmers to take action on the Farm Bill. There is a lot happening on the state and national level right now that will have a dramatic impact on your freedom to farm—and on your profitability. It's important that corn farmers be engaged in the policy process—especially in the next few weeks.

Congress is in its August recess, which means that Nebraska's Congressional delegation will be back here in the state—where you can talk with them face to face. Obviously, getting a new Farm Bill passed is paramount.

When Congress gets back in September, they will have nine days to get it done—or we'll automatically revert to previous farm policy, some of it dating back to the late 1940s. Crop insurance as well as funding for trade promotion and research are all uncertain at this point—and as you know, it's tough for any of us to make decisions about our operations when we don't know what's going to happen on the federal level.

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