August 7, 2013

Congressional Countdown for the Farm Bill


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The countdown is ticking on the Nebraska Corn homepage to show Nebraska farmers the time left that Congress has to take action on a new, five-year farm bill.

Once they are back in session, the House will have only nine working days until the current Farm Bill extension expires.

This lack of Congressional action on a Farm Bill could stifle the economic vitality that Nebraska agriculture has brought to the state over the past several years.

According to Tim Scheer of St. Paul, chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board, “All the progress achieved and contributions that agriculture has made in the past decade are at risk if Congress continues to drag its feet,” he said. “We need Nebraska farmers to speak up now and get our nation’s leaders to cooperate on a Farm Bill. Congressional leadership stated they were not hearing from farmers last fall, so we need to get our voices heard this year.”

The current Farm Bill, crafted in 2008 and extended last year, is set to expire September 30, 2013. If a new bill or an extension of the 2008 bill is not passed, federal price supports revert to their 1949 levels. If that happens, some farmers, such as those involved in wheat or dairy production, would be big winners—while others, such as soybean farmers, would get nothing at all because some commodities were added after the 1949 legislation.

“Nebraska farmers should not settle for another extension of the 2008 bill. We need a new Farm Bill that is in step with what is happening today and with the future challenges and opportunities for agriculture—and we need it now,” Scheer said. “Without Congressional action, America’s farm policy will become a patchwork of policy that is unworkable for producers trying to run their businesses and plan for the future.”

Read the full news release.

The Nebraska Corn Board has established a page on its website that enables farmers to reach Nebraska and key federal policymakers via email to make comment.

  • When communicating with our Nebraska delegation, be sure to thank them for their support for a new Farm Bill—and urge them to put pressure on their leadership to pass a new Farm Bill.
  • American agriculture needs a Farm Bill that is in step with today’s economy and an increasingly competitive global marketplace.
  • America’s farmers and ranchers need a long-term Farm Bill in order to plan, operate their businesses and provide a reliable, abundant food supply.
  • We need to ensure sustained food security and food assistance for our nation. A piecemeal approach is simply not acceptable.
  • Simply extending the current Farm Bill—or worse yet, reverting back to decades-old legislation—is not an acceptable alternative.
  • Agriculture has been a bright spot in our nation’s economy—improving our trade balance, creating jobs and revitalizing rural communities across the nation.
  • We need the assurance of crop insurance, trade promotion, and exports to provide stability, demand and growth.
  • Ag research is critical to maintaining America’s global leadership in food production.
  • It is time to set aside political partisanship and do the right thing—pass a Farm Bill now.


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