August 5, 2013

A Cold and Wet Start to August

Most corn is over 6 feet tall now
A large portion of the state received an inch or more of rain this last week and with this rain came unseasonably low temperatures. Portions of the extreme southeast saw 3 or more inches of rainfall while the southern Panhandle counties continued to be mostly dry. As a result of the rain stress was reduced on growing crops. Statewide producers had 4.7 days suitable for fieldwork and pollination started coming to a close.

Topsoil moisture supplies rated 49 percent short/very short, 49 percent adequate, and 2 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 70 percent short/very short, 30 percent adequate, and 0 percent surplus.

All corn conditions rated 4 percent very poor, 7 percent poor, 21 percent fair, 48 percent good, and 20 percent excellent. Irrigated corn rated 85 percent good or excellent compared to the 76 percent average. Dryland corn rated 43 percent good or excellent compared to the 62 percent average. Corn silking was 93 percent completed which is behind last years 99 percent but near the 95 percent average. Corn in dough was 14 percent, well behind 71 percent last year and this years 37 percent average.
This is a picture of adventitious roots!

All crop progress photos can be viewed at Flickr and Pinterest.

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