August 1, 2013

August Corn Products Spotlight: Clothing

Rayon sample cloths
This summer has been full of various activities and as we start August it's time for that one big job, back to school shopping. Of course students need the usual pens, pencils, notebooks, and new backpacks because those never hold up long enough. But there is another thing that everyone needs before going back to school and that is a new wardrobe. Ok, so maybe not everyone needs a whole new wardrobe but you at least need a new outfit to wear for the first day of classes! Thanks to the corn industry it is easier to find that fancy new shirt you will wear to start your year off right.
Rayon looks like silk!

Now I know that everyone thinks about cotton being used for clothing but surprisingly enough rayon is another type of fabric used to make shirts, suits, name it. This magical rayon fabric also uses a product that is highly produced in the United States, corn!

Rayon is a man made fiber that is considered a natural product because cellulose fibers are used to produce it rather than chemical compounds. Since it is a natural based product the fabric is more affordable, has more diversity, and is more comfortable than fabrics that are synthesized from chemical compounds. Rayon has a texture similar to silk but is cheaper and more diverse, those things together have lead to its popularity. Today it is considered on of the most versatile man made fibers and is called "the laboratory's first gift to the loom."

Rayon suit
So next time you are out shopping for that perfect back to school top or a dress for date night check the label and see what fabrics the product contains. You never know maybe it will have rayon?!

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