June 22, 2012

Podcast: NDA adopts Driftwatch; 'Saving the Oasis' website launched

In this podcast, Jim Hultman, a farmer from Sutton and member of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, reports that the Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s system for locating pesticide sensitive crops in the state is now part of Driftwatch.

A national service maintained by Purdue University, Driftwatch provides more benefits to farmers and pesticide applicators.

For example, Hultman said, applicators can register a business area and receive e-mail notifications when new locations are added in that geographic area. Farmers can draw their own property or field boundaries, which will help create more accurate and informative locations.

Hultman also discusses a website launched by Syngenta that includes several videos relating to atrazine and water.

The website, Saving the Oasis, is in response to the documentary film Last Call at the Oasis. The Last Call film dramatizes a real crisis, the global shortage of clean water. But the film gets its facts wrong about atrazine, a herbicide that is not only safe but actually helps protect clean water and save land from cultivation.

Listen to the Podcast for details.

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