June 19, 2012

Drivable Promotion

We have a new addition here at the Nebraska Corn Board, a new van! We recently donated our old van to Nebraska FFA , where the state officers will use it to make chapter visits. It just came back from being wrapped the other day so we decided you guys probably want to know what it looks like! So here it is:

It is a flex fuel vehicle and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself - it has some pretty awesome graphics on it. We will be using this van as a drivable promotion! It will be used anytime the staff has Corn Board business to drive to, in or out of state, giving it the chance to be seen by lots of people everywhere! Putting promotional material on the side of a van seems a bit absurd but it really is a great idea. How often while sitting in traffic, do you stare at other cars, reading some of their crazy bumper stickers? It allows people just sitting in traffic to learn a little more about what corn can be used for and how it is helping them right at that very moment. And of course who wouldn’t notice a big van driving down the road with corn on it?

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