January 14, 2010

Top posts from 2009: From tweet corn to astroturffed fools

In taking a look at Nebraska Corn Kernel's stats for 2009, the posts below were the most read.

It is an interesting mix - from ethanol and "Tweet corn" to Time magazine and those astroturffed fools at GMA and AMI. It's also good to see that a couple of videos made the list.
  1. Chief Ethanol Fuels turns 25
  2. Nebraska happiest place in the U.S.
  3. Tweet corn – Nebraska farmers on Twitter
  4. Corn Farmers Coalition aims to educate
  5. Cups of corn in Indiana’s government center
  6. Pork and beans recipe contest is back
  7. State Fair gives farmers chance to highlight sustaining innovation
  8. Several 300+ bushels per acre in corn yield contest
  9. Time (magazine) is not on your side
  10. Videos: Ethanol blend pump grand opening
  11. Video: Mike Rowe on lamb castration
  12. Nebraska Corn Board’s FFA photo contest winners
  13. U.S. Corn yields second highest ever
  14. University report slams corn ethanol myths
  15. GMA and AMI: Astroturffed fools

A few other posts that I liked...
That last one - on the genome - has a great graphic of what the genome looks like. If I had a poster of that, I'd hang it on my wall.

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