January 5, 2010

Top Tweets for Nebraska Corn Board

For under year of Tweeting between the Nebraska Corn Kernel blog authors, the Nebraska Corn Board has been able to establish a status among other ag news sources for reputable information, facts and stories of agriculture in Nebraska, across the nation and even have international followers.

Providing tweets to our followers with web links allows us to track how many viewers are reading the information.

This is valuable to show what our followers are most interested in and to provide more of that specific information. For those on Twitter not tracking their tweets, I would suggest using bit.ly, as you can easily copy in the link (which then shortens it), and use the shortened link in your tweet. You can use this site to go back and see how many times someone clicked on that link.

Here is a list of our Top Tweets in which viewers read the most for 2009:
1. Good read: “It’s Time for Farmers to Tweet!” http://bit.ly/6DivFX

2. Study: Raising pigs indoors healthier for animals, people http://bit.ly/4SeFgr #oink

3. #HSUS ‘Rescues,’ Forgets Baltimore’s Horses http://bit.ly/5wlC3L

4. Register 4 @NECornBoard and @NEDeptAG webinar on Advantages of Feeding in #Nebraska, December 16 at 12:30 CST http://bit.ly/58EXrc #livestock

5. ~5% of #corn crop goes to make food ingredients, chemicals, fabrics & plastic. #cornsTALKwed http://bit.ly/7rbJkM

6. Technology, knowledge improve water management and irrigation across #Nebraska http://bit.ly/6rzj0C

7. You can’t have Christmas without Corn! Read the newest blog post on the holiday season. http://bit.ly/7Vdyzs

8. Podcast: Farmers can reach out and tell their story http://bit.ly/5xSFBQ

9. Nebraska Produces Record Amount of #Ethanol. http://bit.ly/4rDDpI

10. #Beef made the list to 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods http://bit.ly/7EJAxF #food

11. Bogus Times, Grist articles on HFCS add to echo chamber http://bit.ly/8s2Mol

12. Testimony presented on corn checkoff http://bit.ly/IjF05

13. September proclaimed Renewable Fuels Month in Nebraska http://bit.ly/Q94QO

14. What is the corn checkoff? http://bit.ly/7kMFT

15. Corn genome sequence - 'wiring diagram' - being released http://bit.ly/3Q5suZ

16. Nebraska Ag Classic includes topics on social media, dealing with animal rights groups http://bit.ly/41GChy

17. Nebraska corn 48 percent harvested http://bit.ly/1HgOLH

18. Chief Ethanol Fuels turns 25 http://bit.ly/ATD7A

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