January 11, 2010

Holzfaster aiming to increase ethanol consumption

As a Paxton, Nebraska, native and past chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board, Jon Holzfaster is leading the National Corn Growers Association’s Ethanol Committee in its role of increasing ethanol consumption.

This committee’s purpose is to make sure that corn farmers are taking a leadership role in the production of ethanol, and are advocating for the increased production of domestic energy resources. One specific goal is to increase the domestic market and overcome the blend wall.

“We will increase the market for ethanol and overcome the blend wall if we achieve a blend up to e15,” Holzfaster said in an interview posted on NCGA's website. “The EPA made some favorable moves last year. They are taking a closer look at e15 right now, but I am excited about what we might see in the future in terms of a move from an e10 to a higher blend.”

According to Holzfaster, the potential for EPA approval of the move to blends up to e15 is exciting and would be a tremendous milestone for corn growers and the ethanol industry. He is also excited about NASCAR’s interest in going green.

“NASCAR is excited about a future partnership with the ethanol industry to not only help promote the fact that they are becoming more environmentally friendly, but also to help the ethanol industry promote their product,” said Holzfaster.

To read more -- and hear the audio interview -  click here.

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