December 22, 2008

Several 300+ bushels per acre in corn yield contest


The National Corn Growers Association has announced the winners for its annual corn yield contest. One Nebraskan made the list - a grower from Louisville, NE, who had a yield of 288.6893 bushels per acre on a no till/strip till non-irrigated plot.

NCGA said corn growers "shattered yield records" this year - despite assorted weather problems, including a late start. There were 6,725 entries in this year's contest, a new record and double the entries in 2006 - and several entrants scored yields of more than double the estimated national average (that's more than double 153.8 bu/acre).

According to NCGA, the 24 national winners in eight production categories had verified yields averaging more than 310 bushels per acre. In this year’s contest, 19 entrants harvested yields of 300 bushels or more per acre.

While there is no overall winner in the contest due to the variety of growing climates and methods, NCGA said national winners with the first, second and third highest yields in each of the eight production categories ranged from 368.2742 to 284.5849 bushels per acre.

For the full report - and a list of winners, click here.

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