December 30, 2008

'Journey of the Corn' featuring Tiemann's is online now

The episode of America's Heartland featuring Alan and Lori Tiemann from Seward is available online. Click here for the episode's home page - and be sure to check out the behind the scenes video and photos. You can watch the entire episode or individual components - and read summaries from each segment.

America's Heartland is a television program that focuses on America's farmers and ranchers and how they bring food, fuel and fiber to the world.

Earlier this year, the Tiemann's took a trip to Taiwan and China to film parts of the episode "Journey of the Corn". It focuses on foreign markets for corn, distillers grains and PLA, the corn-based material made in Blair that is used in everything from plasticware to clothing. One stop included a visit to a 7-Eleven (yes...the quick shop!), where the Slurpee cups are made from PLA - from Nebraska corn. (Stores in Taiwan will sell upwards of 160,000 Slurpees - in their biodegradable cups - a day!)

The film crew also spent time in Seward this summer - visiting the Tiemann's farm near Seward and also at Lori’s off-farm job at a local bank. Alan is a member of the Nebraska Corn Board.

The photo of the Tiemann's above was taken at a research dairy farm in China.

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