December 7, 2008

Corn data everywhere - but stuff you can use right here

Have you ever searched around looking for something that should be simple to find - yet can't?

Say you're wondering about Nebraska's average corn price over the last decade - or in 1975-76 (it was $2.50 back then).

Or perhaps you're looking for historic Nebraska corn yields - or total production. Or maybe even corn supply/demand numbers over the last 10 years.

Those facts - and more - are available right now thanks to a new page on the Nebraska Corn Board's website. Just click here to see.

Data are gleaned from trusted sources and will be updated regularly.

Here's a list of what's there now:
  • Nebraska Carryout and Average Farm Price
  • Nebraska Corn Supply - Demand
  • Nebraska Planted - Harvested Acres
  • Nebraska Production and Yield
  • Nebraska Production, Usage and Export
  • Nebraska Total Supply
Check it out - and maybe bookmark it - it's a great and handy reference.

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