October 2, 2008

Million dollar house from grain elevator timbers

Okay - so this isn't about corn (directly) or Nebraska. But it is interesting.

Bob Armstrong of Regina, Saskatchewan, has built a 2,900 square foot, $1.5 million house entirely out of timber salvaged from grain elevators that were being torn down across the Canadian Prairies. There's a lot of good wood to be reclaimed from those structures.

He even drug a 1913 scale out of one elevator's rubble and converted it to a bathroom scale. He notes that "it's deadly accurate."

Click here for the story and picture of the house.

This also got me thinking about Bruce Selyem. He takes pictures of old (and new) grain elevators. Lots of pictures. His wife, Barbara, writes stories for Grain Journal about these old structures. (The two met after a she saw a story about him in an ag newspaper; the wedding was in an grain elevator.) They even formed the Country Grain Elevator Historical Society.

The photo at the left is a Selyem photo from somewhere in Nebraska.

Do you know where?

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