October 20, 2008

Corn harvest in full swing, but behind

The country's corn crop was 93 percent mature as of Oct. 19, which is 5 points behind the latest five-year average, according to today's crop progress report from USDA. Some states, including Nebraska, are further behind. In Nebraska, 83 percent of the crop was mature, compared to 98 percent on average. Yet states like Illinois and Iowa have caught up considerably - with Iowa being 92 and Illinois 98 percent mature (compared to 100 percent on average for both).

As for harvest, 29 percent of the country's corn crop is in the bin - compared to 53 percent on average. In Nebraska, 18 percent of the crop is harvested, less than half the 40 percent average. Iowa and Minnesota are further behind. Yet much progress can happen with a few dry days. In fact, a lot of farmers were in the field yesterday going all out.

Nevertheless, it is going to be a long fall for farmers - who are facing rain again this week. As evidence to the length of this year's crop cycles, USDA included corn crop conditions in its report. A year ago, those had already ended (87 percent of the crop remains in the fair, good and excellent categories.)

The photo above is from the Imperial FFA Chapter.

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