October 7, 2008

Ethanol spots on Limbaugh, Hannity radio shows

A new group, the American Ag and Energy Council (AAEC), has launched a national radio campaign featuring a "Food and Fuel Update." The first installment of Food and Fuel Update features commentary from Market to Market’s Mark Pearson and highlights the enormous cost of our nation's dependence on foreign oil and the financial benefits of ethanol.

If you listen to nationally syndicated radio shows by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you may have heard these spots.

Wendy Wintersteen, dean of the Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is co-chair of AAEC. She said the radio spots are the first in a series of efforts “to educate the American public on the positive benefits agriculture plays in their daily lives."

She said AAEC's main objective is to promote the common link between all sectors of
modern agriculture and energy through a positive and educational medium.

Pearson reported that there has “never been a more exciting time for agriculture, energy and in rural America. There is a wonderful story of progress that should be told and we'll do our part by educating the American public in the coming months."

AAEC's members include Big River Resources LLC, Hawkeye Energy Holdings and Golden Grain Energy.

You can listen to one of the spots below.

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