October 27, 2008

21 percent of Nebraska corn is in the bin

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s crop production report today said 21 percent of Nebraska’s corn crop was harvested as of Oct. 26. This is up only 3 points from a week ago, as widespread rain kept farmers out of the field for much of the past seven days. A year ago, 58 percent of the crop was harvested, and the five-year average is 56 percent.

USDA said 87 percent of Nebraska’s crop was mature, compared to 100 percent a year ago and on average. A hard freeze across the state last night will certainly put an end to any further crop development. Still, early reports from the field indicate strong yields (better than expected?), but it will be interesting to see how the recent rain and wind will impact overall final harvest numbers.

A sunny and dry week is anticipated, so harvest numbers should jump by next week.

Nationally, 39 percent of the crop is harvested, compared to the average of 66 percent. Again, dry weather for the next week will allow a lot of corn to move from the field to grain elevator or bin, especially has more farmers wrap up soybean harvest, which is only about 5 points behind last year.

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