October 3, 2008

Cattle and ethanol a ‘tremendous’ opportunity

We've known for a long time that distillers grains - produced by corn ethanol plants - is an outstanding feed ingredient, especially when fed "wet" to cattle.

One cattle producer, as reported here, noted that distillers grains has helped strengthen Nebraska’s economy and increased cattle feeding efficiencies in the state.

"Distillers grains has brought Nebraska back to the forefront of cattle production because it increases gains and performance of cattle on feed while maintaining carcass quality. It also provides a boost for cow-calf operators because it works so well in getting cows ready to breed," said Craig Uden of Darr Feedlot in Cozad, Neb.

Uden said distillers grains gives Nebraska cattle producers an advantage over most other states and added that ethanol and cattle "are the best combination we’ve seen in many years to provide an economic boost to the state. It’s just tremendous."

For links to the latest corn co-product manuals from the Nebraska Corn Board, including feeding and storing distillers grains, click here.

But don't forget that distillers grains are a good feed for swine and poultry, too. Many hog and poultry companies include distillers grains in rations - at 10 percent or more depending on the stage of growth. For information on these other species, click here.

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  1. This is great stuff. I sure hope Nebraska cattlemen can capitalize on ddgs - it would be nice to see cattle numbers increase here.