December 29, 2010

Top posts for 2010: From the corn genome to HSUS

The time between Christmas and New Years is a great opportunity to look back on the previous year and see what blog posts drew the most interest – and in 2010 it was clear that anything to do with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) got people's attention.

In fact of the top 12 posts below, six have something to do with HSUS if you include the [yellow tail] wine posts. If you recall, the family-run Australian wine maker was set to donate money to HSUS when a successful movement driven by social media called them out. A similar movement invoving Pilot Travel Centers was also successful.

The top post involves the corn genome and was published on November 19, 2009. Yet it continues to draw a lot of eyeballs today, including from Google image searches. People want to see what the genome looks like!

In addition to the top dozen, a few other top posts and favorites are below. There's also a link to the top posts from 2009.
  1. Corn genome sequence - 'wiring diagram' - being released
  2. Video: How to destroy a [yellow tail] wine bottle
  3. Reactions from the HSUS town hall meeting
  4. Corn Farmers Coalition aims to educate policymakers
  5. Myths, facts about meat production
  6. Atrazine: What is the safety limit
  7. Don't be fooled by HSUS - it's all about the money
  8. HSUS uses National Animal Shelter week to promote false image
  9. Nebraska farm families recognized for participating in 'Sustaining Innovation'
  10. Become a fan of [yellow fail]
  11. Sun Chips: There's a bit of Nebraska in that compostable bag
  12. Nebraska Ag Classic confronts HSUS issues

Other top posts from 2010:

Remember tweet corn and astroturffed fools? You can find a list of all the top blog posts from 2009 here.

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