December 2, 2010

Nebraska corn farmers back American Ethanol, NASCAR

Vroom! Just weeks after announcing it would take its environmental commitment to the next level by fueling its three racing series with E15 – a 15 percent corn ethanol blend – beginning in 2011, NASCAR announced today a major partnership with American Ethanol.

So who American Ethanol?

American Ethanol is a partnership of more than 100 organizations formed by ethanol producers and corn farmers through their national organizations Growth Energy, which took the lead in forming the group, and the National Corn Growers Association. On the corn side, several state corn organizations are involved, including the Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association.

In fact, Jon Holzfaster representing the board and Randy Uhrmacher representing NeCGA were in Las Vegas for today’s big announcement.

Since not everyone could make it to Vegas for the announcement, Growth Energy sponsored watch parties in several cities across the country – including Lincoln. (It was also broadcast live at

T-shirts like this were given away
at the watch party in Lincoln.
“Since NASCAR is one of the most effective marketing and advertising organizations in the world, partnering with it will raise the visibility of ethanol and allow us to communicate to new and larger audiences in exciting ways,” Kelly Brunkhorst, director of research for the Nebraska Corn Board, said at the Lincoln event and in a press release from the board and NeCGA.

As part of the deal, America Ethanol will be highlighted on every vehicle in every NASCAR race, be prominent on NASCAR’s Green Flag, sponsor a new award for every race, be featured on-site during race day events and more.

“NASCAR did not make the switch to E15 lightly,” Brandon Hunnicutt, president of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, said at the event in Lincoln. “It put ethanol and E15 through its rigorous testing process. Racing teams and engine builders ran it through additional tests, and many have reported they are getting a little more horsepower with Green E15, while emissions are 20 percent less per gallon of fuel.”

Brunkhorst noted that NASCAR’s commitment to being an environmental leader is similar to the commitment made by corn farmers.

“Today’s corn farms, 95 percent of which are family owned, are the most innovative and productive in the world,” Brunkhorst said. “They are using less energy, less fertilizer and tilling less while growing more. It’s an incredibly positive story, and one we are proud to share.”

In a news release from NCGA, Brian France, chairman and CEO of NASCAR, pointed out that NASCAR is in its third generation of family ownership and that ethanol is produced from the harvest of family-owned farms across the country.

“I can’t wait to see that green flag drop in February as the NASCAR season kicks off in Daytona,” Hunnicutt said at the Lincoln watch party. “What an exciting time it will be for America’s family corn farmers and the corn ethanol industry.”

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