July 14, 2010

Real Nebraska farming on Facebook

Two central Nebraska farmers – and their farms – have an established following on Facebook, and by regularly posting what's happening on the farm they are sharing their experiences with a much broader audience. (This isn't Farmville, folks! It's the real thing.)

At times, questions and answers are posted under photos and updates. It's a great way to help tell the story of farming today. (Can you believe some folks still say agriculture is a big secret?! It's more open today than ever.)

There are many farmers are on Facebook, and more are joining all the time. By adding a public "farm" page like these below, anyone can see the updates and photos – and "Like" the farm so they see updates in their news feed. It's a great way to expose others to farming and agriculture

The first farm on Facebook we'll highlight today is RAK Farms Inc. RAK Farms is a family farming corporation owned by Randy and Kathy Uhrmacher, who take pride in helping produce the safest, most abundant food supply in the world on less water, fertilizer and chemicals than in the past.  You can find Randy as @Cornfrmr on Twitter. The photo above is from the farm's photo album, which is update regularly thanks to a smart phone.

Here's a recent status update from RAK Farms, noting that, thanks to timely rains, irrigation pumps had not yet been used as of Monday.

Next up is Ryan and Kristi Weeks, who started the Weeks Enterprises, Inc. A Five Generation Family Farm Facebook page. This is a five generation family farm that produces yellow corn, popcorn, white corn, soybeans, alfalfa and prairie hay on about 2,200 acres (click on the "Info" tab from the Facebook page for more). If you go under the "Video" tab, you can see a great video that Ryan posted while harvesting popcorn last fall. You can find Ryan on Twitter as @HuskerFarm.

Below is a status update from the farm just a few days ago:

Ryan is also involved in the Prairie Loft Center for Outdoor and Agricultural Learning, which you can also find on Facebook. He and the Prairie Loft director Amy Sandeen often post farm-related updates there, too.

Do you know any Nebraska farmers who have a Facebook page for their farm? Let me know and we'll do another post in the future.

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