June 15, 2015

Greetings from St. Louis!


By Emily Scholting, National Corn Growers Association Intern. 

Hello from the “Show-Me” State! My name is Emily Scholting, and I have the amazing opportunity through the Nebraska Corn Board of serving as an intern for the National Corn Growers Association this summer. I’m from Springfield, Nebraska, and I grew up around my dad’s corn and soybean operation. I was involved in 4-H from an early age, and I’ve shown all kinds of livestock, including rabbits, sheep, pigs, and cattle. Through the Junior Nebraska Cattlemen, the American Junior Shorthorn Association, and 4-H, I discovered my passion for American agriculture. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Political Science at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, after which I’ll continue on to law school to specialize in agricultural law.

As an intern in the Production and Sustainability department at NCGA, I’ve already been a part of some really cool experiences. I have had the chance to participate in weekly staff meetings, as well as meetings concerning public policy. Most of my projects have been research-based at this point, and I’ve become much more experienced with topics such as 2,4-D, the various state GMO-labeling legislation, and agricultural coexistence. My current work is taking me further into coexistence, especially where organic and genetically modified crops are concerned, as well as into plant phenotyping technology. Later this summer, I’ll have the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. with NCGA, which I’m really looking forward to.

Outside of my time at the office, I haven’t explored much of the city yet, but I’ve definitely had a lot of fun! In my three weeks here, I’ve become really good buddies with the three dogs that I live with, Henry, Wilson, and Lily. The neighbor, who also works at NCGA, has an awesome pool, so I’ve spent some hot afternoons over there as well. I did venture into the city to Ballpark Village and the Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum with another NCGA coworker and her family on rainy Saturday, so I have experienced a bit of the city scene. I’ve also sampled some classic St. Louis food, like pork steaks, toasted ravioli, Ted Drewes frozen custard, and St. Louis-style pizza. I’m excited to see what else the city has in store throughout the summer!

Everyone in St. Louis, including the other NCGA staff, the family that I’m staying with, and everyone I’ve met so far, has been really welcoming and hospitable. They’ve all been very helpful since the minute I got here. I’m so grateful to be in a new place with these fantastic people! I hope the rest of the summer proves to be as exciting and interesting as these first few weeks. Until next time!

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