June 10, 2015

Greetings from Denver!

By Kaydee Caldwell, US Meat Export Federation Intern

My name is Kaydee Caldwell; I’m a 5th generation cattle producer and avid beef eater. I’m going into my junior year at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a major in Animal Science. This summer I am spending my time in Denver, CO at the U.S. Meat Export Federation through a partnership with the Nebraska Corn Board. Being a producer I have been trying to gain knowledge on what happens after my cattle leave our pastures and enter the feed yards to be finished out. Where does the end product go? Of course the grocery stores, but OUR beef is sent all around the world, and people LOVE it! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be working with the Meat Export Federation so I can fully grasp the trade concepts as well as what I, as a producer, can do to make our exports even stronger and more sought after.

 I moved to Denver the 11th of May and started working on the 12th. I take the Denver Light Rail to and from work every day, which is pretty handy! It really hasn’t been too hard adjusting to getting through the city; the hardest part is not being able to see pastures of cattle or cornfields! 

I’ve had a few adventures since starting. My second week at work USMEF flew me down to San Antonio, TX for their Board of Directors meeting. I got to walk along the River Walk, eat at NAO, dine at Texas Land & Cattle AND find out what happens when your car keys get lost in a different state! It was a great week listening to numerous industry leaders and having great discussions with members of the international offices. I had a great chat about Beta Agonists with a representative from the EU.

My project for the summer while at USMEF is to compile a pork cuts book that targets the international markets. I’ve contacted our international offices, lined up a photo shoot with a packing plant and photographer and will be going to Guymon, OK next week to get the photos done for the book!

The staff here in Denver is amazing, there’s quite
a few in the office that have really helped me to adjust to living in Denver and helped me through some stressful times, mostly losing my keys in San Antonio. I am truly thankful for the experience and having the opportunity to work with some VERY amazing people. I can’t wait to see what I learn throughout the summer, there’s a lot of knowledge in this office and I plan on absorbing as much of their wisdom as I can.

Now for some fun pictures!
This is my office farm, I have a cow, pig, chicken, steer and owl. 
I have taken up indoor sky diving and it is VERY fun, scary, but fun. 
I was also very excited to find out there is such a thing as a S’mores frappucino!

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  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying USMEF Kaydee. I very much enjoyed my internship in Seoul, South Korea with them too. Learned a lot about international markets and the culture and perception of beef.
    ~ Lindsay Chichester