November 29, 2012

Nebraska farm girl uses corn for fashion


134972_297361363698980_1587808202_oWho would have thought that a farm girl from Nebraska would hit it big in the fashion world –especially with corn?!

JLynn Hausmann, started her brand – also known as JHaus – grew up in Butte, Nebraska on a farm and ranch. In a recent fashion show in Los Angeles, JHaus featured her new fashion and denim line, and one dress was entirely made from corn.

Even more exciting for this Nebraska girl, is that JHaus got invited to New York Fashion week by Elle Magazine as well as getting her clothing line picked up by Zappos, which will become available February 1st.


We caught up with Jennifer for a little Q&A:

Where did you grow up and what inspired you to go into fashion design? I grew up in Butte, Nebraska on a farm and ranch. Growing up in the country, I saw an opportunity to bring an American made brand that was authentic and genuine into the fashion industry.

561576_301063049995478_1807297282_nHow has agriculture/your roots defined who you are in the fashion industry? Living a “less is more” mentality in Nebraska inspired me to have an All-American brand that is unique. It's fun designing couture pieces for the runway that are made out things that you would find on a farm/ranch. (like this burlap dress on the right!)

What would your message be to young adults growing up in agriculture that are interested in fashion design? Design from the heart and follow your dreams. Rules are made to be broken in fashion. I will never forget designing a red carpet dress for a model when I first moved to LA. The dress I designed was denim and chicken wire. So many people laughed at the idea but I knew it would be a hit. The model wore the red carpet dress and we got our first press at JHaus off of that dress.

How do you share your positive story of agriculture to your colleagues in LA? At JHaus we are creative and innovative and our colleagues see that. You can see the positive story of agriculture through our designs.


You can find her clothing in Nebraska - the JHaus line is being sold in Lincoln at Sunny’s Boutique and the Post and Nickel, and in Omaha at the Denim Saloon and Skyz Boutique, according to the Lincoln Journal Star article about JHaus.

Thank you Jennifer, and best of luck at Fashion Week!

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