November 15, 2012

Corn and Soy Collegiate Mentoring Program accepting applications


The Nebraska Corn Growers Association and Nebraska Soybean Association are launching a new collegiate agriculture mentoring program.

The goal is to provide college students across Nebraska with a comprehensive understanding of agriculture. Participants will learn about the issues impacting agriculture on a state and federal level. They’ll also discover the opportunities available by supporting industries such as the Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Soybean Board and University of Nebraska Extension.

The Corn and Soy Collegiate Mentoring Program kicks off Jan. 1, 2013, and runs through the year. During that time, participants will attend seminars where they will learn about various aspects of the agriculture industry and participate in a bus tour highlighting Nebraska agriculture.

The first seminar is scheduled for January and will cover state and federal policy, while a session in April will provide details on how agriculture groups promote their respective industries.

The summer bus tour includes all areas of Nebraska agriculture, from production to manufacturing to processing. Environmental stewardship is also on the agenda. Fall brings a session on UNL extension and the role the university plays in people’s lives outside of college.

During the whole year, participants have opportunities for job shadowing throughout the corn and soybean industries.

Students will not be responsible for any expenses to participate in the program, and upon completion, each will receive a $500 scholarship toward their education expenses.

Applications are open to any full time student in a Nebraska post secondary school.  

Applications are due November 30, so if you are an interested student or know a student who may be interested, contact the Nebraska Corn Growers Association or Nebraska Soybean Association for more details — or click here.

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