November 5, 2012

Nebraska corn harvest 97 percent complete

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said today that 97 percent of Nebraska's corn crop was harvested as of Nov. 4

That's up from 94 percent harvested last week and is well ahead of last year's 83 percent harvested. The five-year average is 64 percent harvested by this time.

Everything was early this year, from planting to tassel to drydown and harvest. That's what warmer than normal temps will do in the first half of the year when combined with dryer than normal conditions for pretty much the whole year.

The soybean harvest in the state is done, USDA said. A week ago, soybean harvest stood at 98 percent complete. A year ago the crop was 99 percent harvested, while the average is 93 percent.

Sorghum harvest in the state was 94 percent complete, compared to 85 percent last week, 79 percent last year and 60 percent on average.

Nationally, 95 percent of the country's corn crop was harvested, up from 91 percent last week. A year ago 85 percent of the crop was harvested by this date, while the five-year average is 71 percent harvested.

The photo above comes from the Nebraska Corn Board's 2012 crop progress photo set at Flickr, while the graphic below was created by Kelly Brunkhorst at the Corn Board.

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