November 2, 2012

Intern Update

It is brought to my attention each week that I should write a blog, but it just seems like there is always something else that needs done. You know with the making the coffee, popcorn, and cleaning out the van.. kidding! They don’t make me make coffee, I don’t know how and you can just ask Don about how I feel about making popcorn.

This summer I have done some pretty cool things! I’ve spent a lot of time being a shadow to whoever on staff needed one and loved it. Kelsey and I took a trip this summer to the Omaha Children’s Museum to see about the Board’s cooperation in a traveling display they were putting together. After our tour we got to talking about potentially putting together an all Ag traveling display for the Museum that would run for about 6 months. We decided to reach out to the Omaha Ag Business Club for some collaboration and have had success so far. We’re really excited to see how it turns out!

Another thing that took up A LOT of my time this summer was taking our corn fact book and making it into an online ebook eBook to read on your iPad. When we first started talking about this I thought, “how hard could this possibly be, I should be done in a couple days?”. HAHA yeah good joke Melisa, turns out it took me about 2.5 months instead. It didn’t help matters that we got a new Mac computer to do video and other production things on and nobody, including myself, really knew how to work the thing. So hopefully within the next few weeks the book will finally be published and you can see the end result of all the blood, sweat, and silent cuss words.

There are just too many things to even talk about in just one blog. I’ve attended a few Ethanol promotions this summer and had a great time. I wrote a corn plastic insert for an Ag in the Classroom corn booklet. I’ve pretty much become a technical genius on the Mac, making videos and what not. Done a lot of brain storming new ideas, doing intern-y things and I’m sure plenty of annoying the staff.

I know so far through this internship I have learned SO much, especially with the drought this year, RFS debate, Farm Bill, and numerous other issues going on. Not only just about corn but a lot of other things such as other commodity groups, issues going on in the world, or just about the  interdependent industry that is Agriculture. I can’t wait to see what else I learn in the rest of my time here!

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