June 15, 2010

Nebraska beef, corn producers help showcase U.S. beef in Taipei

Posted by Jim Herlihy, USMEF - June 15, 2010

To create more opportunities for U.S. beef in Taiwan’s foodservice sector, USMEF collaborated with the Ambassador Hotel for the “Nebraska Beef Gourmet Festival,” held June 3 in Taipei. The event, made possible through checkoff support from the Nebraska Beef Council and Nebraska Corn Board, featured a diverse range of items showcasing the quality and versatility of U.S. beef. A team of chefs from Western-style and Chinese restaurants prepared more than 20 mouth-watering dishes using tenderloin, striploin, ribeye, rib fingers, chuck eye roll, heel muscle and bone-in short ribs.

With more than 25 news outlets in attendance, the program began with a video outlining the storied history of Nebraska’s corn-fed beef industry, including footage of the farmers, ranchers and cattle feeders who work together to produce some of the world’s finest beef cuts. Two famous television hosts from one of Taiwan’s most popular gourmet shows also participated in the opening presentation, which contributed to the strong media interest.

“Taiwan has become a very important market for Nebraska beef producers, and even more so now that we have gained access for a wider range of cuts,” said Ann Marie Bosshamer, executive director of the Nebraska Beef Council. “So we see this event as a great way to build further momentum in the market.”

Don Hutchens, executive director of the Nebraska Corn Board, agreed. “This is one of several Asian markets in which demand for Nebraska beef has really taken off this year,” he said. “When we can help our state’s beef industry succeed in these key markets, that’s a home run for our corn producers.”

U.S. beef exports to Taiwan have set new value records in each of the past five years, and this trend is likely to continue. Through April, this year’s exports to Taiwan totaled 11,533 metric tons (25.4 million pounds) valued at more than $60 million. This is an increase of 69 percent in volume and 79 percent in value over January-April 2009.

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