June 21, 2010

Crop update: 78% of Nebraksa corn in good to excellent condition

It's safe to say that much of the corn crop in Nebraska has received plenty of water from Mother Nature over the last week. Localized flooding occurred in many locations and one farmer noted today that certainly a few acres will be drowned out. Hail and wind damage are other issues but seemed to be not as widespread or damaging as the heavy rain.

Heat and sunshine will do wonders for the crop.

When I asked on Twitter over the weekend how tall the corn was getting, I got a few reports back from Nebraska growers. @MarkJagles said his was 3-4 ft. tall, while @cornfedfarmer said "chest high" - and that the crop doubles in size each week time of year. @agchick over in Illinois said 15 inches to 6 feet, noting that some acres were planted later than others -- to which @cornfedfarmer agreed, as some Nebraska acres aren't a foot tall yet.

Anyway, the USDA noted today that 78 percent of Nebraska's crop was in good to excellent condition. This is off from 85 percent last week but is to be expected with all the rain. That leaves 18 percent of the crop in fair condition and 4 percent as poor to very poor.

Nationally, USDA said 75 percent of the crop is in good to excellent condition, down from 79 percent last week but still ahead of 70 percent from last year. That leaves 18 percent of the crop in fair condition and 7 percent in poor to very poor.

For more details on Nebraska's crop, be sure to check out the Nebraska Corn Board's Crop Progress Update.

This week's photos, from the Nebraska Corn Board's 2010 Crop Progress collection, include one showing water standing in a corn field from the Imperial FFA chapter and another from the Sumner-Eddyville-Miller FFA Chapter showing some good looking corn that needs its weeds treated. My guess is that will happen as soon as it dries out a bit. (Ignore the date on that second photo...the camera got reset.) Click on a photo for a larger image.

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