June 30, 2010

Coming soon to a parade near you

By Regina Janousek, Nebraska Corn Board intern

Did you know that 95% of America’s corn farms are family owned? Or that farmers have increased water use efficiency by 28% over 10 years? Corn farmers today use 36% less fertilizer than 30 years ago. And today’s family farmers grow five times more corn than they did in the 1930s and do so on 20% less land!  That’s producing more corn with less. That’s sustaining innovation!

The Nebraska Corn Board and the Nebraska Corn Growers Association are pleased to unveil their new Sustaining Innovation trailer that will be traveling to parades and events across the state of Nebraska.

The trailer will include banners showcasing positive messages from Nebraska’s family corn farmers, as well as promoting uses of corn as a livestock feed and as a fuel source.

The trailer will make its debut this Sunday at the Seward 4th of July Celebration. If you’re in the area come check out the parade around 4:00 p.m.!

The trailer will then make its way to St. Paul for the annual Grover Cleveland Alexander Days on July 10th; then off to Albion on July 11th for the Boone County Fair!

The trailer will be traveling to many other parades through the summer and fall.

Along with spreading messages about corn farmers sustaining innovation, Nebraska Corn Board members and members of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association will be handing out packages of candy corn with Sustaining Innovation messages throughout the parade.

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