October 6, 2009

Oil's dirty footprint: On display in DC

At the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, you can now see the traveling exhibit Edward Burtynsky: Oil.

The exhibit will be in place through December 13, 2009, offering a good opportunity for regulatory officials, government employees and elected representatives to examine the impact of oil on our lives through the a decade of photography by Edward Burtynsky.

Perhaps it will help some realize that oil is definitely not carbon or environmentally neutral.

The photo of what appears to be oil-filled foot prints was pulled from a video on the exhibit narrated by Corcoran's curator Paul Roth.

A portion of the exhibit's description is below:

In addition to revealing the rarely-seen mechanics of its manufacture, Burtynksy photographs the effects of oil on our lives, depicting landscapes altered by its extraction from the earth and by the cities and suburban sprawl generated around its use. He also addresses the coming "end of oil," as we confront its rising cost and dwindling availability.

To view the video and learn more about the exhibit, click here.

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