October 1, 2009

Bob Dickey: The truth is on our side

Bob Dickey (pictured), a member of the Nebraska Corn Board and a farmer from Laurel, has just wrapped up his term as president of the National Corn Growers Association. (Remember the reception at Commodity Classic for Dickey? Click here!)

While Dickey's role at NCGA continues as chairman, a great summary of his time as president is available at NCGA's website here.

In the summary, he noted that since October 2008 the corn industry has seen "huge shifts in the political and social landscapes." That required good, solid efforts by the NCGA board and staff, especially in building relationships with a change in Administrations in Washington, D.C.

Also during his term, corn farmers promoted energy independence and economic growth in rural America by supporting efforts to increase ethanol blends. NCGA encouraged members to flood the Environmental Protection Agency with comments supporting higher ethanol blends in gasoline -- and thousands of farmers responded. (More than 5,000 in Nebraska alone! Click here.)

NCGA and many of its member state, including Nebraska, also launched a major educational campaign in Washington that resulted in an infusion of fact-based information on how innovative farmers are growing more corn every year with fewer resources while protecting the environment.

"The truth is on our side. The more that people understand how modern producers grow more corn with less land, pesticides and fertilizers, the more that they support us," Dickey said.

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