October 5, 2009

@HuskerFarm takes farm knowledge to the people

The Prairie Loft Center for Outdoor and Agricultural Learning held its Harvest Celebration yesterday. The Prairie Loft is just west of Hastings.

According to the Hastings Tribune more than 750 attended, up considerably from the 500 or so who ventured out to last year's inaugural event.

One of the opportunities for visitors was to take a ride through nearby corn and soybean fields. Instead of simply driving folks through, though, Ryan Weeks (@HuskerFarm on Twitter, and in the red jacket in the photo) jumped on and went through a mini presentation about contemporary agriculture.

Weeks, who is on the Prairie Loft board, explained everything from the economic importance of agriculture to precision ag and other technology that is good for farmers and good for people who like to eat.

I heard several folks comment about how interesting the tour was, including positive comments from a member of the city council.

It was a great opportunity for a real farmer share the story of agriculture.

Opportunities like this exist all the time if you look for them. All it takes is someone to jump up and make it happen.

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