October 26, 2009

Nebraska corn only 15 percent harvested

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said today that only 15 percent of the Nebraska's corn crop is in the bin. That’s only a 2 point increase from last week and a 5 point increase from two weeks ago.

Wetter than normal weather has hampered farmers’ efforts to get the crop out of the field. Wet weather and cooler temperatures have also prevented the crop from drying down in the field as quickly as farmers would like.

Last year at this time, 21 percent of the crop was harvested, while the five-year average is 47 percent harvested. Many farmers are expecting to be harvesting their record crop well into November. In fact, three weeks ago the joke was eating turkey dinner in the combine. Now it's Christmas dinner. Dealing with the weather goes with the territory, though, and farmers are hoping a few dry days this week will allow them to make some progress.

For details on Nebraska's crop, be sure to check out the Nebraska Corn Board's crop progress update.

On the positive side, 80 percent of Nebraska's crop remains in good to excellent condition.

Nationally, that figure stands at 69 percent, down a point from last week.

Also on the national front, 20 percent of the corn crop is harvested, only a 3 point gain from last week. Last year the crop was 37 percent harvested. The five-year average is 58 percent. A long road ahead, indeed.

Thankfully, many farmers are reporting the crop to be holding up well (despite rain, snow, wind, etc.). Although the tops of some stalks have broken off that should hopefully not impact the overall harvested crop, although it could slow progress.

This week's photo, showing a mature ear of corn hanging downward, came to the Nebraska Corn Board from the Imperial FFA Chapter.

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