May 20, 2009

Farmers urged to keep momentum, submit ethanol waiver comments

More than 4,000 Nebraska farmers have returned yellow postcards to the Nebraska Corn Board, who then forwards them to the Environmental Protection Agency as written comments in support of the ethanol waiver request.

“We’ve been receiving hundreds of postcards in the mail daily, and we certainly appreciate everyone taking the time to submit comments in this way and online,” said the Nebraska Corn Board’s Randy Klein in this news release.

“Since EPA decided to extend the deadline, we would like to encourage those who did not have the opportunity to comment in such a short time period to now follow through and help us keep the momentum going,” Klein said.

To submit comments electronically, the Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association have setup links on their websites: or

EPA began accepting comments on the request to increase the ethanol blend rate from 10 percent ethanol (e10) to up to 15 percent ethanol April 21. The comment period was slated to end May 21, but was extended to July 20 late last week. That gives farmers and other supporters an opportunity to still have their voices heard on the waiver request.

For more information, click here - and to bust some myths about the ethanol waiver request, click here.

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