May 27, 2009

Blog: Farmers must update to new technology

A farmer blog - written by Debbie Borg of Allen - tackles a variety of good subjects, from farming to family.

She resides on Borg Farms, which just celebrated its 125th anniversary. They raise corn, soybeans, alfalfa and wheat, all while feeding cattle – but their most important crop is the next (and 6th) generation: Hannah, Heidi and Hunter.

Her latest post makes a few good points - how farming and agriculture need to advance, to adapt and to become more efficient to feed a growing world:

Agriculture's efficiency just seems to keep getting better and many of the activists groups want us to go back to the 'old ways'. Why is it, after only a few days our computer needs to be updated, but farmers aren't suppose to update to new technology. Read here that “To produce one billion kilograms of milk in 2007, we need 20 percent less cows, 25 percent less feed, 10 percent less land. In 2007, we produced 40 percent less methane and 56 percent less nitrous oxide compared to 1944. The reason for that is improved efficiency, and these are huge gains.

She also had a few comments about the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and how farmers make a real commitment to animals:

The Ad Council is teaming up with HSUS to launch a three-year, $80-120 million effort to change the way Americans view shelter pets and boost adoption rates of homeless cats and dogs across the country. Maybe why this campaign is being developed is that too many people have forgotten that pets are an animal that must be cared for daily. Unlike farmers and ranchers who have chosen a field of work that requires a commitment 24/7. Not everyone is designed to be a farmer or rancher--it takes special character and commitment.

You can find her blog here.

Debbie is also on Twitter - she's @iamafarmer2, and was one of the Nebraska farmers featured in a news release for using Twitter - see this post.

Also check out the KHAS-TV report on farmers using Twitter. You can find the story and video here. It features @cornfedfarmer and @zjhunn.

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