May 26, 2009

Corn, cattle produces in D.C.

A team of eight cattle and corn producers and representatives were in Washington, D.C., last week to discuss issues of importance with government officials, Nebraska’s congressional representatives and national trade association staffs.

This was the third year of the Nebraska Corn Board-sponsored joint effort in Washington. The trip helps corn and cattle producers have a voice and offer input on issues that impact both corn and cattle producers in Nebraska.

“We stressed our opposition to legislation that has been introduced that would create unworkable and unrealistic rules in the Clean Water Act,” said David Nielsen, a corn producer from Lincoln and a member of the Nebraska Corn Board. “One proposal, in particular, would apply strict rules to small farm ponds or areas on a farm that flood or hold water when it rains.”

The groups also stressed their support of a Clean Air Act amendment what would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from requiring livestock operations to get certain permits. “The intent of Congress with Clean Air Act rules was not to increase the cost and unfairly tax farmers for simply raising livestock,” said Nielsen, who is chair of the Nebraska Corn Board’s government affairs committee.

Todd Schroeder, current president of Nebraska Cattlemen, said the groups also addressed the current discussion on various “cap and trade” and other greenhouse gas proposals.

“We reminded members of Congress, their aides and government officials that agriculture is on the solution side of any climate change legislation,” said Schroeder, a cattle producer from Wisner.

Click here for a Nebraska Corn Board news release that contains more details.

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