January 5, 2017

Nebraska Corn Kernels 2016 Blog Spotlight

We are onto a new year; eager for a reliable planting season, a generous growing season and bountiful harvests to look forward to in 2017.

We have a lot to look back on and learn from in 2016. Looking at this year in review, here are the Top 12 posts of 2016 on our Nebraska Corn Kernels blog - the best of each month. We want to thank our readers for your continued support. We write for you and appreciate feedback and conversations from what we put together. Now is your time to read the most popular posts if you missed them!

January - Cumming Family Farm Spans 122 Years in St. Edward
February -Animal Advocacy: Articulating Your Story
March - The Changing Role of Women in Nebraska Agriculture
April - Harvard Family Welcomes Fifth-Generation Daughter Back to the Farm
May - The Voice: agriculture-style
June - Nebraska Corn 2016 Internships Announced
July - Nebraska Corn Board Welcomes Bentzinger on Staff
August - How to talk about Sustainability
September - My Summer with USMEF
October - Nebraska Corn is Now Accepting Applications for Seven College Internships
November - Nebraska Corn 93% Harvested
December - Throwback Thursday from the Intern's Desk

Here's to a prosperous 2017 for Nebraska Corn!

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