January 25, 2017

Dozens of new flex fuel pumps coming to Nebraska

Up to 80 new flex fuel pumps will be installed across Nebraska in the next few months as part of a national effort to expand consumer demand for American Ethanol.

The flex fuel pumps will offer a wide range of higher blends of American Ethanol including E15, E30 and E85. E15 can be used in all vehicles model year 2001 or newer, while all American Ethanol blends can be used in flex fuel vehicles.

The placement of new flex fuel pumps in Nebraska will primarily occur in metro areas and along Interstate 80.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture created the Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership (BIP) which targeted $100 million toward the expansion of the flex fuel infrastructure across the nation. The award of federal dollars requires a dollar-to-dollar match from states, private industry and other sources. In Nebraska, more than $6 million has been dedicated to this effort – including contributions from the Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Ethanol Board and Chief Ethanol Fuels. The Nebraska Energy Office is serving as the lead administrator of the program.

According to David Bracht, director of the Nebraska Energy Office, sales of mid-level American Ethanol blends have increased 45 to 55 percent at Nebraska stations that have installed flex fuel pumps.

David Bracht, director of the Nebraska Energy Office, states, “Building out our flex fuel infrastructure will make it even easier for consumers to take advantage of the many benefits of higher blends of American Ethanol and exercise their freedom to choose from a wide range of fuels.”

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