December 21, 2016

Nebraska Corn Board - 2016 In Review


With recent corn prices down from the past, it is times like these when the corn checkoff investments are most vital. These checkoff dollars are put towards enhancing demand, adding value and ensuring sustainability of our Nebraska Corn. As we near the end of the year, here are some highlights of this past year’s significant initiatives and investments of the Nebraska Corn Board:

Clean Fuels Omaha
Nebraska Corn Board has successfully launched and significantly expanded the American Ethanol brand awareness with consumers in cooperation with a Clean Fuels Omaha campaign that has proven success in the use of American Ethanol fuels.

Increased Choice at the Pump
Through a partnership with USDA and funding from the Nebraska Corn Board, a total of 80 new blender pumps have been or will be installed across the state to increase consumer choices of higher American Ethanol blends.

Ethanol Promotion in Foreign Countries
We have invested in international market development efforts that have successfully introduced US ethanol to foreign countries, specifically Mexico.

Nebraska Corn Board implemented a peer review process that has aided in ensuring checkoff investment of research in priority areas – then further funded projects in cover crops, nutrient & week management and new uses.

Working in partnership with states, National Corn Growers Association and others, we have advanced discussion on the next generation of engines with the auto manufacturers – specifically higher octane fuels that can be accomplished with higher American Ethanol blends.

Youth Leadership & Education
We continue to be an industry leader in providing the next generation of agricultural leadership opportunities through various internships, DC Leadership Missions, scholarships and supporting state and local FFA, NAYI and Ag in the Classroom.

The Nebraska Corn Board has continued support for Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (A-FAN) in responsible expansion of the livestock industry that has resulted in a greatly expanded swine industry, opportunities in poultry, prioritization within the dairy industry and beef expansion.

We partnered with Field to Market to further discuss sustainability, continuous efficiency improvement along the complete Ag and food chain; and also partnered with Nebraska Extension on sustainability principles through on farm research.

Water Conservation
Nebraska Corn Board initiated support for AquaMart – a project to further promote water efficiency through localized grassroots cooperation.

We have expanded conversations with consumers through CommonGround - a program with female farmers and ranchers talking about key issues with urban counterparts.

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