December 20, 2016

Learning Never Ends

Laura Lundeen - NeCGA Intern

There is one quote that comes to mind as I begin my blog. “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget”-Alfred Mercier. Throughout this summer, the truth of this statement seems to become clearer and clearer. I absolutely love to learn, and the Nebraska Corn Growers Association have given me an opportunity I will be forever thankful for. 

Last fall was a very fun and exciting month. Throughout this time, I was able to create my first newsletter, attend the mentor tour, promote ethanol at frog fest, and help out at the State Fair. Throughout the promoting of NE Corn, I was given the best experience of them all- a chance to learn.

Even though I was not at home chopping pigweeds, my first newsletter made for good, hard work in Lincoln. I was able to learn a new computer program, writing and design skills, and better understand the need for atrazine and other topics the newsletter highlights. Thankful for this experience, I am continually gaining greater respect for NE Corn. The hard, selfless work to put farmers first in the most beneficial way for our resources and economic stability displayed by NE Corn makes me continually grateful that I am able to work alongside of them. 
2016 Mentor Tour

The mentor tour was a blast! After being a mentor last year, I completely fell in love with the experience I was given to attend this tour and was very thankful I was able to attend it again as an intern! Touring Hy-Vee, Prairieland Dairy, Monsanto, Union Pacific, and Werner Trucking made for a great learning experience and realization of how big the agricultural industry really is. I am excited to use the knowledge I gained from this experience to advocate for the agricultural industry in a bigger and broader way. 

Meeting Cole Swindell
Frog Fest was a great night where not only did I get to meet people and talk about American ethanol, but I also was able to meet Cole Swindell! Unfortunately, in the time we took this picture I was not able to ask him about ethanol usage ☺ but it made for an exciting night! By watching members and staff from NE Corn and NE Ethanol Board, I was able to learn so much about how great ethanol really is for our environment, economy, and even our own vehicles. 

Finally, the State Fair was my last big event last fall. Through working the beef pit and helping with cooking demonstrations, it was great to see (and eat) agriculture through the food industry side. There was a great turn out of people at both locations who brought a lot of questions and excitement to the event. It was a fantastic experience of speaking with other food lovers about agriculture. 

As the fall is concluded, I am thankful to look forward to what the next season will bring. Thanks a bushel to NE Corn for providing me with the experience they have so far!

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