July 11, 2016

Why do you choose E85?

Throughout the months of June and July, Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Ethanol Board, Green Plains and Kum & Go teamed up on Thursdays to offer E85 for just $0.85 a gallon for all flex fuel vehicle (FFV) drivers at select locations in the Omaha Metro. But these big savings weren't the only reason FFV drivers were excited about fueling up with American Ethanol-blended fuel. We asked drivers "Why do you choose E85?" and here’s what they had to say:

“I always fill up with E85 because it saves me money, and I have a friend who works in the industry (Novozymes).”

-Bryan Rowe, Papillion
“If it’s available I choose E85, because I am a stay-at-home mom of six children. I drive a big van (Chevy Express 3500) and it’s the most economical way for me to fill up.”

-Angela Estrada, Omaha
“I’ve been running my car and my wife’s car strictly on E85 for the past six years. When we’re traveling, I plan our vacation routes accordingly to fill up with E85. I even converted by lawn mower to run on E85 and it’s going five years strong. My dad and brother both farm, and it’s important to keep our money local. Ethanol keeps my engine clean so it lasts longer.”

-Brad Bolton, Omaha

“I drive a flex fuel Dodge Durango and I choose E85 because of the price and it’s better for our air. It’s a way to save money and take care of the earth. I have teen drivers and they would like to see more choice at the pump.”

-Sharon Carlos, Omaha

“I’m frugal, so I choose E85 because it’s the best price. Even if I lose a little mileage it’s still a better choice.”

-Angel Loza, Omaha (pictured with his son, Angel Jr.)
“I’ve been strictly using E85 since I purchased my flex fuel vehicle July 13, 2012. I choose it because it’s better for the environment, great price, I get good gas mileage and my vehicle performs great. I make an effort to find E85 stations when I’m traveling.”

-Mary Hochanadel, Omaha
“We’ve been buying flex fuel vehicles since they came out. I finally talked my son into purchasing one last week, and he loves it. We choose E85 for the price and it’s cleaner burning. We don’t see that much difference in our mileage.”

-John & Theresa Farmer, Omaha
“I choose ethanol because it burns cleaner. I am conscious of helping our environment – I don’t waste water, I don’t use Styrofoam. I love that ethanol helps leave a decent world for our loved ones.”

-Catherine Gordon, Bellevue
“I fill up with E85 because it’s cheaper and environmentally friendly. I’ve filled up with E85 since I started driving two years ago.”

-Gage Larsen, Gretna

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