July 29, 2016

The Life of a NeCGA Intern


By Laura Lundeen, NeCGA intern, Lincoln.

I started out as a member of the growers, and now I am lucky enough to be an intern. When I started my internship, I had a basic idea of what the Nebraska Corn Growers did, what the ag industry was based on, and also what my passions were in regards to agriculture. I have to say that in the last month, that little, basic idea I had has now been opened up to so much more than what it was before! 

I have been able to make connections, promote agriculture in and out of the office, and stay in tune with the ag industry and all that is happening across the state and country.
One way that I have been able to promote agriculture is through helping out at the Kum & Go Promotions. At these events, E-85 is sold for 85 cents a gallon! Nebraska Corn and the Nebraska Ethanol Board work to fill up citizens flex fuel vehicles with E-85, while also telling them about why ethanol is important. Although flex fuel vehicles have become more common, many people do not now if they drive one, and many people do not realize that we can grow/make ethanol here in our own state! Ethanol is important to our farmers, but also our state, our environment, and our economy. It has been really fun to learn more and tell the story of ethanol to people that may not realize that yet.

Ethanol has also been a focus at the dirt track races. These nights promise a fun event fueled by ethanol. Nebraska Corn has been there to promote the use of ethanol, answer any questions regarding the industry if possible, and also give back to our members by supporting them at their race if competing, hand out prizes and giveaways, and enjoy being with them. I have enjoyed meeting some of the great people that help make up NeCGA as well as learning more about ethanol.Some people say that internships are about filling coffee, taking out the trash, and cleaning out the microwave, but even though I would be happy to do those things, I am even more proud to say that NeCGA has provided me an internship where I get to be a part of telling the story of agriculture. Through making connections, promoting agriculture in and out of the office, and staying in tune with the ag industry and all that is happening across the state and country, I am happy to say that the life of a passionate NeCGA intern is the best place to be. Come to the races or fill up with 85 cent gas, and you will see me there.

In the office, promotion is just as great and valuable. Instead of being out and speaking with people about the industry, I have been given the opportunity to be a part of advocating for the industry, organization, and connecting with members through our social media outreach. Social media has become one of the most widely used form of networking, and I am happy to see that NeCGA takes advantage of that to tell the story of agriculture.

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