October 9, 2015

Let's Celebrate October is Pork Month!

October became known as Pork Month because it marked the time of year when hogs were traditionally marketed. Today, it serves as a celebration to thank pork producers and share their stories with consumers. This is a great time for corn farmers to show appreciation to one of our great customers, too.

Pork is the world’s most widely eaten meat representing 42% of the meat consumed, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. Some 81% of the population consumes pork in-home at least once in an average two-week period.

The top five most popular pork products include ham, sausage, bacon, lunchmeat (excluding ham) and pork chops. Of pork products consumed at home, ham accounts for 31.1%, sausage represents 19.6%, bacon totals 18.1%, lunchmeat accounts for 10.3% and pork chops round out the top five with 10.2% of pork consumed in-home.

Another way Nebraska corn farmers support pork production is through the U.S. Meat Export Federation, who opens up export markets for U.S. pork and beef.

Here are some interesting, quick pork facts in an infographic - easy to share with your family and friends this month!

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