October 2, 2015

Growing Nebraska Through Trade

Nebraska and its role in the international market were on the forefront of discussions this week as Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith hosted the “Growing Nebraska Through Trade” seminar on Tuesday at Raising Nebraska in Grand Island. Trade of agricultural products is an ever-important issue to Nebraska corn producers as markets for our products rely on international customers.

“With more than 96 percent of the world’s customers living outside our borders, trade provides tremendous opportunities to grow our rural economy,” Smith said. “As our work on trade negotiations moves forward, I am committed to helping expand access to thriving international markets for Nebraska producers, manufacturers, and consumers. I hope everyone who joined us today gained valuable knowledge and connections to help drive their businesses toward greater success in the global marketplace.”

The seminar featured Nebraska native and Chief Agricultural Negotiator in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Ambassador Darci Vetter. AgView talked with her about a busy week ahead, progress on TPP and the continuing process of the Country of Origin Labeling dispute, watch here:

Topics at the seminar included state-level efforts to grow the agriculture economy, rural growth and value-added agriculture, and ongoing efforts to open markets to Nebraska and U.S. agriculture products. Other featured speakers included Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ronnie Green; and speakers from state and federal agencies as well as business and education leaders from the Third District.

Dr. Green emphasized that Nebraska plays a pivotal role in international trade, and the University of Nebraska also has many programs which helps develop ideas into goods and services for a growing world.

Learn more about how international trade is important to Nebraska corn farmers at our website, www.nebraskacorn.org.

*Pictures and video from AgView.net.

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